Wiring Options

Each cable can be wired in one of two ways: straight-through or crossover. Straight-through cables are the more common and are suitable for connecting a computer to a hub or switch, or for cascading hubs and switches through uplink ports.

Crossover (or "x-over") cables are less common, but are necessary for connecting two computers directly to one another without the need for a hub. They can also be used for cascading hubs and switches without uplink ports. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer of your hardware for full details of the cable type you require.

All of our cables are wired to the EIA/TIA 568A and 568B standards.

If you are looking to replace an existing cable, it may be useful to determine which wiring is used in your cable. To do this, simply take both ends of the cable and hold them such that the wires are coming into the plug from the bottom and the clips are facing away from you. You should be able to see the eight internal colour-coded wires through the clear plastic. If the order of the wires is the same (as in the first picture), the cable is straight wired. Conversely, if the order of the wires is different (as in the second picture) the cable is crossover wired.

Straight Wired Plug Crossover Wired Plug

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