How to use the online order form

The order form includes a "Design your cable" section which allows you to specify every aspect of the cable you require, obtain a quotation and then add it to your virtual basket. To specify your order, simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Choose the category, shielding, core and colour of the cable you require from the field labelled "Cable type". Please note that not all combinations are available.
  2. Select the type of wiring from the two options - straight through or crossover - in the field labelled "Wiring".
  3. If you require strain relief boots, choose option "Yes" in the field labelled "Add Boots" otherwise choose "No".
  4. Enter the length of each cable in the field labelled "Length in metres". All lengths are in metres and can be entered in the same way as the quantity. (If you only work in imperial measures, please try the cable chooser which will display an approximate conversion to feet.)
  5. When you have specified these four attributes of the cable(s) you require, press the "Get Price" button for a quotation. This will display a description of this particular cable together with the per-item price. Now select the number of cables from the field labelled "Quantity" and press the "Add to Basket" button.
  6. You will now see the correct quantity of this type of cable added to the basket which also displays the delivery charge and the running total. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for each separate type of cable needed until you have specified all of the cables you require.
  7. Continue changing or adding the specifications of cables until you are happy with the selections you have made. At this point press the button labelled "Buy Now".
  8. To remove a row from the form, simply choose a quantity of zero and press the button labelled "Update" next to it. To empty the entire basket and start again, press the button labelled "Empty Basket".

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